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New-NAVCrmTable cmdlet enhancement 

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 CU 20 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 CU 7, the PowerShell cmdlet New-NavCrmTable has been enhanced with 3 changed or added parameters: AuthenticationType Verbose ConnectionString See also the updated cmdlet Help online. AuthenticationType The -AuthenticationType parameter has been changed from an open string into an enumerator with the following values...Read more

Coffee Break: Automate it, part 2 

This is a continuation of our previous post, with further examples of how to utilize Windows PowerShell from Dynamics NAV. The samples provided here just demonstrate how easy it can be to integrate the two, so you can build on this using any of the great (Dynamics NAV) PowerShell tools out there from a familiar development environment....Read more

Coffee Break: Automate it! 

The Coffee Break Team is back, and this time we will unite the best of the two worlds and show how we can utilize the power of Windows PowerShell, using your favorite application: Dynamics NAV. While we do recognize that scripting complex PowerShell tools and modules is not to everyone’s taste, C/AL is something we...Read more

Coffee Break – Creating CNAME records with Windows PowerShell 

OK, chances are that you won’t ever need to do this. But if you do need an automated way to create CNAME records in your domain, then this post is for you. Why? A previous post explored how to automate the Dynamics NAV Management Portal via web services. If you use a custom domain, then...Read more

Coffee Break: Proactive Monitoring with Task Scheduler 

Here in Part V of  the “Monitoring and Admin” coffee breaks, we will schedule a Windows PowerShell script with these two purposes: Check for heartbeat (check if Dynamics NAV is still running), and Check for a threshold value, for example MEM or CPU exceeding a max value Customer Story: We’re a system administrator who is...Read more

Coffee Break: Use the PowerShell Runner Add-In 

In this post we will look how to run your Windows PowerShell scripts using your favorite application: Dynamics NAV 🙂 . This can be done using .NET Framework libraries, but Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 also released an add-in called PowerShellRunner (found in service add-in folder). Libraries found here can be used to run PowerShell scripts from...Read more

Coffee Break: Make your (Windows PowerShell) life easier 

Anyone who uses Windows PowerShell regularly will be familiar with re-typing the names of Windows PowerShell cmdlets they already used many times before. In this post we will show a couple of examples of creating functions and store them in your profile to reduce the amount of re-typing needed in order to make your life...Read more

Coffee Break Troubleshooting Part IV: Windows Error Reporting and Collecting Crash Dumps 

For troubleshooting issues with Microsoft products in general, you can use Windows Error Reporting to report computer problems to Microsoft. Microsoft uses the problem reports to try to match descriptions of each problem to a solution. This feature is enabled by default, and generates detailed reports about the problem. To troubleshoot application instability issues, we...Read more

How Do I Set Up Microsoft Dynamics NAV to work with Azure SQL Database 

Dynamics NAV 2016 supports the option of using Azure SQL Database, and we have recorded a “How Do I” video to explain the steps involved in deploying a Dynamics NAV SQL Server database to an instance of Azure SQL Database. This blog post includes a Windows PowerShell script that can be used to configure the Dynamics...Read more

Coffee Break: Monitoring and troubleshooting NAV Services, Part III – Performance troubleshooting and profiling User Activity using PowerShell 

Since the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, tracing user activity has become a bit more complicated than it used to be in earlier versions due to the fact that unlike previously, all user connections to SQL Server are now server connections. Which makes it more difficult to trace individual user activity. But not impossible: Enabling...Read more