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Customizing the system-generated query of the Invoice journal form 

When creating a Sales order in Dynamics AX 2012, you can define both a “Customer account” and an “Invoice account”. The Customer account identifies the customer for which the Sales order is being created, and the Invoice account references the account number of the customer to invoice, in case it is different. If you want to modify this behavior, you...

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About locking and blocking in Dynamics AX and how to prevent it 

The locking of records is necessary to ensure transactions are processed accurately and with a high level of concurrency. Unfortunately the more records are locked the higher is the chance other transactoins are getting blocked resulting in peformance reductions on the one hand and end user frustration on the other hand. Dynamics AX and Microsoft...

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AOT Query Browser – same as Table Browser 

There is a really handy tool available from the axaptapedia site, it allows you to run a table browser type form against AOT query objects:If you’re creating queries in the AOT,it’s useful to be able to see the data they return before you go to the trouble of building the object that will use the...

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