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Error when modifying existing Purchase order Delivery schedules – “Line number x is outside range of delivery schedule and cannot be used.” 

2 min read

I’ve recently come across a couple of customers that were having issues modifying previously created Purchase order Delivery schedules.  This typically happens if we have at least 2 items on a purchase order, both of which contain a delivery schedule.  If needing to add a line to one of these existing Delivery schedules, we are seeing an…Read more


How to Specify Range Values on a Query in a AX SSRS Report 

1 min read

The steps below outline how to specify range values for a query that is used by an SSRS report and AX. 1.  In AX in the AOT model a query adding the tables you would like to specify as data sources.  For example, add the CustTable. 2.  To the data sources add your range fields.  Add…Read more