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PL – Retail – Advance invoices for prepayments in retail 

Hello, The hotfix KB 3034468 released for this feature ‘Advance invoices for prepayments in retail ‘. The link to LCS: This feature is based on the regular Polish functionality of advance invoices in AX and extends the functionality to process advance invoices when a Customer order Deposit is registered in POS or a final...Read more

Setup for sales tax which should be used when ‘Price include sales tax’ is enabled on a Store 

Hello, If you have any issues regarding sales tax (net amount) rounding between Retail store transactions and posted sales invoice voucher transactions, you should check at first Sales tax setup. The recommended setup for sales tax which should be used when ‘Price include sales tax’ is enabled on a Store. ‘Marginal base’ to set up...Read more

Dynamics 365 Retail Return Locations Not Populating Based on the Return Subcode Selected in POS 

After installing a hotfix (Ex, KB4090327) for Retail Return Location customers have been having issues with Return Locations not populating. First, go to Retail > Inventory management > Return locations to create your Return location. In my example if you select the Defect Subcode (1), the Returned item should go into the Central\Houston\Defected location (only if...Read more

Retail Personalized product recommendations 

  Starting Feb 15, 2018 in Dynamics 365 for Retail and Finance & Operations, Retailers shall not be able to display intelligent product recommendations on the point of sale (POS) device any more. (for more information, see Personalized product recommendations). For all Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations removed or deprecated features, see Removed or...Read more

Dynamics 365 Retail Statement Posting Issues Caused by a Previous Statement Posting Failure in Batch 

When posting Retail Statements in batch and there has been an error, Customers have been receiving errors manually posting the Retail Statements after the original failure. One example of a Retail Statement error: “One or more sales orders in statement XXXX have not been invoiced; abort payment journal posting” A majority of the time, the...Read more

Sales Tax on Gift card sales in Retail 

Sales Tax on Gift card sales in Retail With the hotfix KB 3183056 installed there is possible to get a sales tax calculated on gift card transactions. Setup and repro steps how this feature is supposed to be working can be in the attached file. Sales-Tax-on-Gift-card-sales...Read more

AX for Retail: Instant Email Receipts in Enterprise POS (EPOS) 

Dynamics AX For Retail Enterprise POS (EPOS) has functionality to email receipts but the implementation of the feature has a few tradeoffs: Email does not get sent immediately at the conclusion of the transaction.  Instead, the process goes like this:  1) a transaction is uploaded to HQ (via P-job); 2) it gets calculated on a...Read more

Credit memo functionality on Dynamics 365 MPOS 

Credit memo functionality on Dynamics 365 MPOS Steps (please find the document with screenshots attached credit-memo-functionality-on-dynamics-365-mpos). 1.Set up Payment method with the Operation name ‘Pay credit memo’ and associate appropriate Posting accounts in it Retail and commerce/Channels/Retail stores/All retail stores/select the store HOUSTON/Tab Set up/Payment methods/in our case it is called Voucher: 2.Issue Credit Memo...Read more