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Retail: How to access multiple POS from one machine 

2 min read

  Topic: The description in the POS Technical Reference.pdf describes how to adjust the configuration file (original text further down on the page). In addition to the original description, I want to provide the example file and what you will see at the POS when you start it.   Example File POS.EXE.CONFIG <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?><configuration>    <configSections>       …Read more


Buttons in the POS layout are not all localized. 

1 min read

Topic: Buttons in the POS layout are not all localized. The text is displayed in English only Here is a preview from the POS till layout          3. Edit the files with example a picture editor            10. Go now to the Retail Scheduler and replicate the N-1090 Terminals job          11. Log into POS The result is that the button now…Read more