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What does the Post financial inventory option in an Item model group do in relation with Sales orders 

There are general ledger transactions posted in correspondence to inventory financial transactions, these transactions may relate to the financial updates of purchase orders and/or sales orders. Inventory transactions posted to general ledger are configured by inventory model groups. In this post I will focus particularly on the post financial inventory option in relation with sales...Read more

Sales Order Prepayment Link Appears to be Lost When Partial Invoicing 

When linking a prepayment to a sales order and the sales order is partially invoiced, the settlement for the remainder of the prepayment appears to be no longer linked. The best practice when settling a prepayment against a Sales orders is as follows:   1.  Create Prepayment Payment Journal for $10,000 Accounts receivable > Journals > Payments >...Read more

AX 2012 R3 for Retail – Clear Statement Greyed Out 

It may be possible that when you attempt to post a statement, you run into a posting error.  There could be multiple reasons why this fails such as tax rounding is higher than your posting rounding threshold.  You simply want to fix the issue and re-post the statement.  But after fixing the issue at hand,...Read more

Sending email notifications for Retail orders [AX 2012 R2 and R3] 

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 had introduced a new feature to automatically generate email messages to recipients based on specific events for Online Orders such as order created, picked, packed, shipped, etc.  With the addition of Call Center in AX 2012 R3, this feature was expanded to encapsulate other Retail orders.  This feature was designed to only...Read more

Using Post Inventory along with Calculate and Post Statement in AX 2012 Retail 

On multiple occasions I have had questions or seen confusion surrounding the usage of Post Inventory in conjunction with Calculate Statement and Post Statement for keeping inventory up-to-date and posting sales transaction.  Let’s first define the purpose of each process: Post Inventory When running the Post Inventory, this looks for all unposted transactions that have...Read more

Sales agreement functionality when linking to Sales order lines 

There was a scenario that was recently discussed when attempting to link sales agreements to sales order lines.  In this scenario, let’s say we created multiple sales agreements each having one line as referenced below.      Sales agreement 1          Line A     Sales agreement 2          Line B  To continue with this scenario let’s say we created...Read more