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Calling the SalesOrderService on AX 2012 

2 min read

Below is an example of how to create a sales order by calling the SalesOrderService create operation in AX 2012.  The example contains one sales order with 3 lines.  The code sets the financial dimensions on the sales header record and it sets an inventory dimension on the third sales line.  Happy programming!                SalesOrderServiceClient proxy =…Read more


Calling the Update Operation on the SalesOrderService 

4 min read

The code is an example of how to call the update method on  sales order in AX 2012 using the SalesOrderService.   static void Main(string[] args)         {             //First find the order             AxdSalesOrder salesOrder = Program.FindOrder();             //Now update it             Program.UpdateOrder(salesOrder);         }           static AxdSalesOrder FindOrder()         {             CallContext context =…Read more