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Supply Planning Changes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 release includes a set of new supply planning options, aimed at the following goals: Optimize supply handling cost by minimizing order changes. Provide a more precise setup for optimizing the inventory profile. Reduce the time spent on processing and changing the planning result. So, now you might start to wonder:...Read more

Jobs WIP Calculation Compliance in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 

Work in Process, WIP, and the related recognition of costs and revenues has a huge impact on the bottom-line for a project-based company. Project managers, accountants, and controllers are monitoring this recognition closely and for them it is crucial to have the process be as simple yet accurate as possible. Since the process has such...Read more

Backflushing consumption 

What is and when we will be using backflushing consumption? Method for issuing (reducing on-hand quantities) materials to a manufacturing order. With backflushing, the material is issued automatically when production is posted against an operation. The backflushing program will use the quantity completed to calculate through the bill of material the quantities of the components used, and...Read more

Vendors with specific shipping dates 

How to model a vendor where they only ship on Wednesdays? This is just an example … That is something we need to be careful with. First of all, keep in mind the difference with Sales. In there, we have the “Shipping Agent” where we can define an “Agent Service” (F5790). This shipping agents are...Read more

How calendars are considered when calculating lead times 

Lead time calculation is the calculation that takes place to calculate “Expected Receipt Date” from the “Order Date” or the other way around. Similarly, sales have the calculation to calculate “Planned Delivery Date” from “Shipment Date” or the other way around as well. Here, we will be focusing on the Purchase side but this will...Read more

Post – Apply – From Item Entry Application Across Locations 

The following blog post is to provide guidance for users of the Inventory costing functionality within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The specific article is designed for providing guidance that you are able to use Appl. – from Item Entry to create an Item Entry Application across locations. This feature is not permitted using the Appl. –...Read more

Order modifiers are not being considered with planning exceptions or emergencies 

This is related with How to work with “Warning icons” in Planning Worksheet Here, we have an scenario where NAV does not respect order modifiers (maximum/multiple/minimum order quantity) when there are exceptions. As we mentioned in earlier post, exceptions are … exceptions!!! Yeah, I know you might have an issue but, isn’t this a situation that should occur exceptionally...Read more

How to work with “Warning icons” in Planning Worksheet 

Take this post as my suggestion on how to work with “Warning icons”. Any other idea is welcome, let’s comment on that !! Back from NAV 5.0 SP1, warning icons were added to the Planning Worksheet to raise exceptional situations. There are three type of scenarios here: Emergency (ie. inventory is negative) Exception (ie. inventory...Read more

Forecast netting in NAV: where the buckets are!!?? 

As usual, let’s start talking from a pure business perspective … When a forecast is defined, it is always required to define for which period the forecast is defined. In other words, if you forecast a demand of 200 pieces, for which period is this for? Usually, forecast are defined for a week or a...Read more