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Sales Order Prepayment Link Appears to be Lost When Partial Invoicing 

When linking a prepayment to a sales order and the sales order is partially invoiced, the settlement for the remainder of the prepayment appears to be no longer linked. The best practice when settling a prepayment against a Sales orders is as follows:   1.  Create Prepayment Payment Journal for $10,000 Accounts receivable > Journals > Payments >...

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Important application hotfixes 

Short link to this page is   Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Area Topic Build Comment Update Link RUS CLADR > Storage and Import of FIAS 6.3.6000.3510 27 Dec 2017 After CU13 KB4052196 MEX “The field TipoCambioDR” error when trying to get stamp for a payment journal 6.3.6000.3495 26 Dec 2017 After CU13 KB4058497 NLD New...

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Rebate Agreements in AX 2012 

Rebates are payments or credits that are payable to customers based on pre-established agreements to purchase certain items in specific quantities or amounts. There can be distinguished between three Rebate types in process manufacturing:  Rebate – The rebate type is typically processed by sending a check to the customer or by deducting the rebate amount from...

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