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Incubation Week Party Favors – Silverlight CRM Attachment Viewer 

3 min read

Our guest blogger today is CRM MVP Aaron Elder who attended the last Incubation Week as a Solution Architect. As I discussed in my previous post, I had the opportunity to volunteer as a CRM Solution Architect for Microsoft’s 2nd Incubation Week.  While there, I prototyped a Silverlight 3.0 viewer control that could bind directly…Read more


Business Action for ISVs 

1 min read

We recently kicked off a worldwide tour events to help ISVs understand the potential of Dynamics CRM as a Line-of-Business Application platform.  We know that differentiating your line-of-business applications from those of your competitors has never been more important. If you’ve considered using Dynamics CRM as a line-of-business platform, Silverlight or WPF to build compelling…Read more