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CRM Documentation Strategy 

Convergence begins this weekend and we would like to take this opportunity to help you find the information you need for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Amy Lanfear and Amy Langlois will be offering an interactive session called “Finding Help When & Where You Need It: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Documentation, Resources & Communities”. This session will be...Read more

Unlock the Voice of your People 

We get a lot of questions from customers about the value of social capabilities in business applications.  They’re skeptical.  They tell us that before they invest in social tools, they want to be sure they’re giving their teams greater power to make a difference.  What they don’t want is to add more noise to the...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 on YouTube 

We’ve been playing around with YouTube as a destination for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Videos for a couple of months. The site now has five videos that you might find interesting at Feel free to subscribe or friend the site to keep up on the release in the coming weeks....Read more

Get Connected with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Group on LinkedIn 

CRM MVP and guest blogger, Neil Benson at Customery provides the tip of the day for our readers. I visited the offices of a new prospective customer recently and at the end of our meeting I handed my business card to the prospect. “It’s OK,” said Matthew, “I don’t need your card, we’re already connected...Read more

Dynamics Forums updated to the MSDN Forums 3.x Platform 

The top answerers are usually filled with our CRM MVPs on a rotating basis depending upon their availability that month. These are the folks who make the CRM Forums on MSDN the GOTO place for CRM questions and discussions. The folks who answer questions are rated by the reading public and awarded points based on...Read more

Networks Based on Social Roles 

Network diagrams have always been interesting to me. Charting and analyzing the flow of dialogue based on social roles gives us a bit more insight into the phenomenon of social networking.  I’ve been making my way through some work that a community guru and master communicator Marc Smith: “…presented at the ICWSM 2008 in Seattle...Read more