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Error “CryptoAPI not available” when browsing Enterprise Portal 

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 consider the following scenario: If, the Business Connector User account (bcproxy) specified under, System Administration > Setup > System > System service accounts if different from he user account associated with the application pool identity assigned to the web site hosting the Enterprise Portal (EP), Then when a user browses the...Read more

Cannot create Enterprise portal site with SharePoint 2010. Client found response content type of ‘text/html; charset=utf-8’, but expected ‘text/xml’ 

Recently I have seen this issue when trying to create an Enterprise Portal site with SharePoint 2010. The setup failed when creating an EP site via the AX setup and when creating a new site collection via SharePoint central admin onto a newly created web application. The important part of the setup log was: Entering...Read more

Enterprise Portal Dlls rules for applying hotfixes or moving environments 

There are a few Enterprise Portal dlls that can be unusual with regards to applying hotfixes – when deploying kernel hotfixes they’ll be automatically updated, but there are some application fixes which include a new, and then some of the dlls may need to be manually deployed/installed. The dlls in question are: Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.portal.dll Microsoft.Dynamics.Compliance.InternalControlsManager.dll Microsoft.Dynamics.WebParts.dll...Read more

Sample steps on installing and configuring SharePoint 2010 and deploying AX 2009 Role Centers and Enterprise Portal 

A while ago I went through the motions of Installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 and then deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Role Centers and Enterprise Portal feature on it. The pdf document attached to this blog post describes the steps I took in detail with screenshots.     –author: Anup Shah –editor: Anup Shah –date: 14/Feb/2011...Read more

You get a Script Error when viewing Role Centers (deployed on SharePoint 2010) in a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Client 

Consider the following scenario: – You have successfully deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Role Centers and Enterprise Portal on a server running SharePoint 2010 – Your AX 2009 Application build is as per the SharePoint 2010 compatibility hotfix KB2278963 (5.0.1500.3191) or you have Hotfix Rollup 6 deployed (5.0.1500.3761).  Check the AOT -> Classes -> SysHotfixManifest...Read more

Unable to deploy AX 2009 Enterprise Portal on SharePoint 2010 even after patching setup files with hotfix 2278963 

We came across an issue recently where weren’t able to detect SharePoint 2010 installed on the system in order to deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 – Role Centers and Enterprise Portal (EP): – SharePoint Server 2010 was successfully installed on a system running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard edition – We can created SharePoint web...Read more

Error “Cannot access a disposed object” when deploying AX 2009 Enterprise Portal on a SharePoint 2010 server 

After following through suggestions on deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Role Centers and Enterprise portal (RC+EP) as given here, we ran across another issue when deploying the RC+EP extensions. We get the following error in the DynamicsSetupLog.txt file:   Entering function ConfigureVirtualServerWithNewApplicationPool                    Entering function GenerateNewApplicationPoolId                    SharePoint_80_07d99c07c0184c8bbce6472ec69f1a87                    Leaving function GenerateNewApplicationPoolId                    Creating new application pool SharePoint_80_07d99c07c0184c8bbce6472ec69f1a87An error...Read more

Resolving some issues you may experience when creating an AX 2009 Role Center and Enterprise Portal Site using SharePoint Server/Foundation 2010 after installing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 hotfix 2278963 

You may have seen the announcement of release of hotfix KB2278963 adding support for SharePoint 2010 (  and have requested the fix from Microsoft support. You have successfully deployed SharePoint 2010 and can create a SharePoint website and test site collections successfully. However you may encounter some issues when following the whitepaper contained within the...Read more