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SQL Server 2017 and Dynamics NAV 

SQL Server 2017 was released in October last year with many new and interesting capabilities. For further information, please take a look at the product information at this location: Over the last few months, the Dynamics NAV team has been testing compatibility with this new version of SQL Server, and we are now proud...Read more

Troubleshooting SQL Queries Generated by Dynamics NAV 

The documentation on Optimizing SQL Server Performance with Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been updated with information about: Troubleshooting long running SQL queries involving FlowFields by disabling SmartSQL. Using SQL Server 2016 Query Store to monitor query performance in Dynamics NAV.   Read more at   Please get back to us if you miss documentation around...Read more

Creating and managing custom indexes in Dynamics AX 

Hello, An index is a database structure that is used to speed the retrieval of information from a table, or in some cases to ensure the uniqueness of records in a table. In Dynamics AX, each table comes out-of-the-box with a variety of indexes designed to provide the best results in most cases. As every Dynamics AX...Read more

How to delete orphaned data remained from deleted company? 

In AX 2009 it may happen that you delete a company but data related to this company remain in the database. You can use a SQL script similar to the following to delete this data NOTE: Use with caution! We recommend you take appropriate actions to backup the database first before attempting to delete any data: /*This...Read more

Performance Improvement on “Multisite activation – Dimension inconsistency clean-up” Job 

After enabling Multisite activation (Administration > Setup > System > Multisite Activation), you would typically run the “Multisite activation – dimension inconsistency clean up” job (Administration > Periodic > System > Multisite activation – dimension inconsistency clean up). However, I have found in some cases there can be a performance issue with this process. Here...Read more

We get lots of Event 110 Cannot edit a record in LastValue (SysLastValue) and Event 117 messages in the Event Viewer 

You may sometimes get the following event log entries on the AOS server in pairs:   110 Object Server 01: Dialog issued for client-less session 1: Cannot edit a record in LastValue (SysLastValue). User ID: , AdminUserSetup. The SQL database has issued an error.   117 Object Server 01: The database reported (session 1 (-AOS-)):...Read more

Checking Database entries after restoring a Microsoft Dynamics 2009 SQL Database to another Domain or Environment 

This BLOG post describes some common steps after restoring a Dynamics AX 2009 SQL Database to another environment under several different scenarios. SUMMARY Consider the following scenarios where you may need to restore a Dynamics AX database to a different environment When testing a Dynamics AX upgrade When bringing Dynamics AX 2009 data in house...Read more

Proxy settings can interfere Dynamics AX 2009 report deployment 

I was recently involved in a situation were the Reporting Library deployment from Dynamics AX 2009 to SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services was not working correctly. More concrete, after the Reporting Libraries were extracted, compiled and the deployment to the SSRS started, soon the following error was displayed: Unable to connect to http://server/ReportServer/ReportService2005.asmx as specified...Read more