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Dynamics 365 Blog

Have a Suggestion for Microsoft Dynamics CRM? 

Microsoft Connect is a connection point between you and Microsoft, and ultimately the larger community. Your suggestions enable us to make a better product. You can participate in Microsoft Connect in several ways, such as downloading the latest software and written material, taking surveys, exchanging ideas in newsgroup forums, and, most importantly, providing and reviewing...Read more

Improved Suggestions Program 

You gave us feedback and we listened. A few months back we rolled out a “suggestions” program to provide a tool for customers to give suggestions for the product. We’ve received a lot of fantastic suggestions and all of them are being looked at by the product team. I’ve personally looked and responded to hundreds...Read more

Answers from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community 

I see a lot of support questions on the CRM Team Blog. Some of them get answered, many do not. The best way to get answers to pressing questions depends a lot on how much customization you do to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation. It is also important to know what version you are using....Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Bookshelf 

CRM MVP Ronald Lemmen is our guest blogger and provides us an eagle-eye view of available books. You can read more from Ronald at his blog including what may be the most comprehensive list of CRM blogs in the world. There were just a handful of books available for Dynamics CRM 3. Since the 4.0...Read more

Connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Finally, a one-stop Internet venue to make suggestions to Microsoft about any of our products. I have been waiting for the Dynamics implementation of Microsoft Connect to become a solid resource before I’d recommend it. It does require an Windows Live ID which is easy to create and you can use it for all Microsoft...Read more