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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Excel 2010 and Data Import Templates 

Trusting all files originating from CRM Site (Recommended) Add the CRM Organization URL to trusted sites as shown in the screenshot. If you are subscribed to multiple CRM organizations also add the sign-in page of CRM to trusted sites. Now any files downloaded from this Organization will be trusted and marked as safe and you...

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Adding attachments to Templates and Bulk email 

A frequent request from the customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 was the ability to add attachments to bulk email. Some users were also looking for a mechanism to use email templates when distributing Campaign Activities and Quick Campaign. There were also requests to allow usage of attachments in email templates so that whenever some...

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Creating a customized Plug-in Template for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 

Today we welcome MVP Bill Ryan from CustomerEffective as our guest blogger. In its basic form, CRM 4.0 Plugin development is straightforward, however it has many monotonous elements. This walkthrough on writing Plugins illustrates many of the repetitive tasks that plugin development entails.  Among them are: Creation of a new Class Library Project Renaming of...

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