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AX 2009: Citrix & Terminal Server Printing 

2 min read

Errors, or no output when printing from AX to a locally mapped Printer If you are mapping local printers to your TS or Citrix environment and have an issues where nothing is printed or the following error is generated: startDoc: rc:SP_ERROR you will need to change the Print Processor data type from Raw to EMF….Read more


Export to Excel can fail on a Windows Terminal Server 

6 min read

Most of the time when I get involved in issues that are reported for the Dynamics AX Client running on a Windows Terminal Server, I can reproduce the issue also on a regular Client or using a Remote Desktop connection to a regular workstation. This issue is different, as I really had to use a…Read more


Issue selecting items from Combo Boxes when the Dynamics AX Client is running as RemoteApp 

1 min read

Windows Server 2008 introduces a nice feature for the Terminal Services that is called RemoteApp. RemoteApp programs are accessed remotely through Terminal Services and appear as if they are running on the local computer. The RemoteApp is integrated on the client PC’s desktop, running in its own resizable window and showing up in the taskbar….Read more