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Form Query String Parameter Tool 

Show it, don’t tell it. That’s why I created the Form Query String Parameter Tool. This week I published a technical article that introduces this tool: Use the Form Query String Parameter Tool to Demonstrate Setting Default Field Values in New Record Forms.We have documentation in the SDK that describes the feature that lets you...Read more

Creating and Deploying XAML Workflows using the CRM Developer Toolkit 

In July we began shipping the CRM Developer Toolkit as a part of the CRM SDK.  The newest release of the Toolkit adds several new features. In this post we’re going to look at how to use one of these new features: creating and deploying workflows using the Developer Toolkit. In This Post: Prerequisites Creating...Read more

Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

If you are a developer working on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you are by now familiar with the game changer in town, Solution Framework, which allows you to extend the capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM web application has excellent tools for creating the non-code components that are part of your solution, for...Read more

A better way to learn LINQ-to-CRM – LINQPad plugin for MS Dynamics CRM 2011 is available! 

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, we introduced LINQ for our developers through the Advanced Developer Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 toolkit. We have further improved this support in Dynamics CRM 2011 by including LINQ as a first class data query mechanism. A better alternative to QueryExpression, LINQ provides a simple, intuitive and unified approach...Read more

CRM Performance Toolkit example code 

This is part of this post: Bandwidth testing using CRM Performance Toolkit class BandWidthUtilities      {          //all input parameters follow the NetCap command line help – see description by “netcap /?”          public static bool StartCapture(              string path,              string sMbyte,              string sCapFile,              string sFilter,              string sNIC,              string sOffset,              string sTrigStr              )          {              try              {                  string strProgName =...Read more

Bandwidth testing using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Performance Toolkit 

CRM Performance toolkit (available for download in provides an easy and comprehensive way to test various performance aspects of your CRM implementation. Here, I will brief on how you can use CRM Performance toolkit along with NetMon and VRTA to measure the bandwidth utilization during a test run of your performance scenarios. Setup: To...Read more

ISV Utilities for Comparing Customizations and Transferring Configuration Data 

Learn how to build and use two new powerful tools developed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Customization Comparison Utility lets you compare the customization files between two Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems and the Configuration Data Utility lets you transfer custom configuration data from one Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to another. Download the Visual Studio 2008...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM team at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team was invited by Intel to participate at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco last week. IDF is Intel’s largest annual technology conference, and this was the CRM team’s initial invitation to attend. The invitation was a direct result of the strong relationship that we have established with them,...Read more

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit 

For CRM developers, aligning the engineering delivery and process quality of their CRM projects can substantially increase overall productivity. In addition, by documenting, communicating, and following a consistent process for implementing CRM in Enterprise scenarios, developers can scale projects more quickly and efficiently by adding and ramping up consultants regardless of their previous experience with...Read more

VM Express – Microsoft Dynamics Virtual Machine Demonstration Toolkit 

In short: VM Express is an efficient VM distribution solution designed to save time and money for people who distribute Virtual Machines. Microsoft Dynamics VM Toolkit is available today for partners to order on PartnerSource Navigate to Placing an Order; Select the “Sales and Marketing Collateral” option – and then select your country. Select...Read more

Transcensus: User Adoption Training Techniques 

Just before Convergence 2009 wrapped up I caught up with Dan Higbee and Dan Peay from Transcensus and talked with them about their solution, SHO Guide for delivering application help. In this video we show it running with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online but it can also be used with Microsoft Office applications, Dynamics or any...Read more