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CRM 2015 prerelease content is here! 

Here’s where to find all the new preview documentation available for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update and CRM 2015 (on-premises). Start here CRM Help Center This central information hub gives you access to 6 key CRM content sources: CRM Setup & Administration – The all-new portal for CRM administrators! CRM Developer Center –...Read more

New home page for the Dynamics CRM Resource Center 

The Dynamics CRM web team has updated the home page for the Resource Center help and support site. Through user research and other sources, we listened to what you needed, and built a page based on that. You’ll notice the design is much simpler, much less busy. Business users should now be able to find...Read more

Quick Start Guides for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

The Dynamics CRM User Assistance team is pleased to announcethe release of two new pieces of user documentation:  QuickStart guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM business users (directdownload) QuickStart guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook users (directdownload)   Based on frequent requests from customers and partners,these one-page documents help end users get up to speed...Read more

Microsoft Certification Exam Development 

From a statistical perspective, the certification team uses methods approved by the certification industry.  You may have noticed that there is a trend for everyone doctors, mechanics, engineers, computer professionals to get certified within their respective industries.  The exam development team, in conjunction with a psychometrician, rely on statistics to help ensure that the exam...Read more

Tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for your business 

As your business needs change, you might want your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation to do more. Solutions are add-in software that helps you fine-tune Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for your unique needs. You can create your own solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. If you do not have a technical person or business analyst available...Read more

A Codeless Address Finder Using Filtered Lookups 

Today’s guest blogger is CRM MVP Leon Tribe. You can follow him on his wildly popular blog, Leon’s CRM Musings. A bit of a mouthful of a title but, basically, I am going to show how to set up a codeless set of dynamic picklists (now called option sets) by ignoring option sets and using...Read more

Top Reasons to Attend the Summit 

CRMUG Summit is designed with one thing in mind: to connect you, the Dynamics CRM User, with the right resources to address your specific CRM challenges, issues and priorities.  We create ample networking opportunities, both formal and informal, to make it easy for you to connect with other Users, partners, or Microsoft staff members who...Read more

Video: Personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for yourself 

We’ve explained how to set up CRM to match the way you want to use it—configure the views you use regularly, and adjust how information is displayed to you. We cover this in our new video, Personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for yourself (CRM users) and Personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for yourself (CRM Online users). I...Read more