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Self-Enabling Install of the Unified Interface Versions of Field & Project Service 

As announced earlier this year, the non-UCI versions of Field Service and Project Service Automation are going end of life. As of July 29th 2019, Microsoft has empowered administrators to enable their existing environments that currently have Field Service (FS) version 7.x and Project Service Automation (PSA) v2.x to upgrade to FS v8.x and PSA...Read more

Unified Interface: Internet Explorer 11 Browser Update Issue 

What is the issue? We have identified an issue where Unified Interface applications in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and PowerApps with certain site map customizations do not render properly in Internet Explorer 11 browsers. Users affected by this will receive a blank page and possibly an “access denied” message when attempting to load some...Read more

Checking out Field Service on the Unified Interface (version 8) 

As much of the Dynamics community is aware, Field Service version 8 is now available. We first released Field Service version 8 in August with subsequent updates coming roughly once a month. We released the first version which supported upgrade from Field Service version 7 in November (Field Service v8.2). For our customers that are...Read more

Public Preview of Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework is released- Bring your own channel provider with ease 

Channel Integration Framework is a cloud-to-cloud extensible framework—set of APIs (methods, events, and protocols)—to build and integrate immersive communication experiences such that third-party communication widgets running on channel provider cloud can interact with Dynamics 365. With this framework, you can bring your own (third-party) channel provider or channel aggregators into Dynamics 365 Unified Interface Apps,...Read more

Unified Interface Overview 

Unified Interface is the new metadata driven client interface that is designed to provide a consistent experience across devices and form factors. It provides users a consistent, accessible, uniform user interface, and follows responsive design principles for optimal viewing on any screen size or device.   The new Unified Interface brings all the rich experiences to any...Read more