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New system events replace Codeunit 1 in Business Central October’18 release 

When you start upgrading to Business Central on-premises, you’ll notice that Codeunit 1 ApplicationManagement is missing. Not to worry, this is not a ‘bug’, it is by design. We’re refactoring the application as part of our move to modern development and to enable extensions to subscribe to events that were formerly handled by functions in codeunit…Read more


Database Conversion for a Dynamics NAV database stored in Azure 

One of the nice new features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is the ability to place a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database in Azure SQL Database rather than the traditional method of storing it using an on-premises SQL Server instance. For more information, watch this video. So, what happens after you move your Dynamics NAV database to…Read more


Troubleshooting Inplace Upgrade Script updateDirDartyRelationshipXDSLegalEntity() 

You might recieve the following message when  running the upgrade script Classes\ReleaseUpdateDB62_GABMinor\updateDirDartyRelationshipXDSLegalEntity() during  an inplace upgrade from MS Dynamics AX 2012 R2 to R3: “Cannot create a record in Party relationships (DirPartyRelationship). Invalid value specified for ‘Expiration:’. It cannot be greater than or equal to the ‘Expiration:’ of the first record.” One possible background could…Read more


Upgrade Considerations for Document Approvals 

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, the legacy Document Approval feature has been replaced and improved by the new Workflow feature. Each Approval Template record is now a dedicated workflow that operates on either a specific sales or purchase document. The concept of approval user hierarchies is maintained, but we are also introducing workflow user groups…Read more


Importing objects in a multi tenancy environment 

The following posting is based on a support request where a partner wanted specific instructions what the process should be when trying to import a FOB file in a true multi tenant environment. If you simply import the FOB file, the following message box will first pop up to you: The first suggestion is to…Read more