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Learn a few new tricks in Quick tips for CRM for tablets video 

Applies to: CRM for tablets (Windows 8) Even if you’ve been using CRM for tablets for a while, you might learn something new from the tips in this short video (1:04). This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. For more information...Read more

Dynamics CRM instructional and conceptual videos now on YouTube 

The CRM content publishing team has been publishing various videos to help you get started with using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. For the benefit of our customers, we have now made these videos available on YouTube on the MicrosoftDynamicsCRM’s channel page: These videos can be viewed on any browser or device that is...Read more

Video: introduction to Activity Feeds 

We’ve been hearing from customers who would like to know more about Activity Feeds, the new social-based communication tool offered in our fall release. People have told use they’d like to know more about everything from how to customize it down to just getting a basic sense of what we’re offering. We’re pleased to report...Read more

Tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for your business 

As your business needs change, you might want your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation to do more. Solutions are add-in software that helps you fine-tune Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for your unique needs. You can create your own solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. If you do not have a technical person or business analyst available...Read more

Video: Create a dialog in CRM 

Thinking about having a defined set of steps that you could use as a script while communicating with your customers? The Dialogs feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 helps you do this and much more. Watch our new video that shows how you can create a dialog that can automate a business process in your...Read more

Video: Create and run duplicate detection rules 

The Duplicate detection feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes sure that your business data is accurate and clean by identifying potential duplicate records and letting you decide how you want to resolve these. We’ve recently published a new video that explains how duplicate detection works and shows how you can define criteria based on which...Read more

Video: Sharing and assigning records 

If you and your colleagues use CRM to collaborate on the records you keep, you should watch our new video about Sharing and Assigning Records (CRM users) and Sharing and Assigning Records (CRM Online users), which explains how to enable teams to work together on individual records in the system. I welcome your comments and...Read more

Video: Personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for yourself 

We’ve explained how to set up CRM to match the way you want to use it—configure the views you use regularly, and adjust how information is displayed to you. We cover this in our new video, Personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for yourself (CRM users) and Personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for yourself (CRM Online users). I...Read more

Video: CRM Use of Goal Management 

If you manage a sales team or any other organization with readily quantifiable productivity goals, you should learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM goal management feature by viewing our new Use Goal Management (CRM users) and Use Goal Management (CRM Online users) video. I welcome your comments and queries about our videos. Cheers, Tom...Read more

Video: Create a simple workflow 

We’ve recently published a fairly in-depth how-to video on one of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM more powerful features: Creating a simple workflow (CRM users) and Creating a simple workflow (CRM Online users). . Workflows allow you to automate repetitive tasks that you perform regularly in CRM. You can set up your system to do a...Read more

WPC 2011 Videos 

I wasn’t able to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this year in Los Angeles. But with the videos coming from the event, I can almost feel like I’m there. There is a real interesting dynamic there with partners from all over the globe attending, sharing, and breaking bread. I look forward to hearing the...Read more