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Free Wheeling with some Summer Fun Coding Ideas 

1 min read

6. Create the Next Big App: Webcast Series: Start from a scenario relevant to you – mobile and Sharepoint apps, Facebook promos, Access databases, and see how cloud addresses relevant gaps. 7. Combining Public and Private Clouds into Useful Hybrids: – Watch David Chou’s TechEd session about the widely discussed “hybrid” approach – solutions spanning…Read more


Troubleshooting CRM-Azure AppFabric Integration 

4 min read

Since the “Service Bus” plug-ins executeasynchronously, there will be a system job created every time a service bus plug-in is triggered. When there is an error inside your CRM deployment/organization, the related system job will be set to a “Failed” state. In case of an external failure (an error outside of CRM), the system job…Read more


Windows Azure AppFabric Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Step By Step 

6 min read

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provides this cool new feature called “Windows Azure AppFabric Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM” that would help customers integrate their CRM with their other line of business applications without having to deal with the typical issues with polling, opening up firewall etc. Please refer to the Azure Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics…Read more


Business Action World Tour 

3 min read

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the platform for getting your line-of-business applications to market fast. Clearly applicable in CRM-type scenarios, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also supports a wide range of business applications with the essentials required for building, delivering and maintaining them in multi-tenant Software+Services environments. This event will demonstrate the power of Dynamics CRM as a…Read more