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[AX2012] [Workflow approval via email] Migrate from ACS to SAS – troubleshooting 

Latest whitepaper & mobile connector downloading address – When you migrate from ACS to SAS, you only need complete below 4 tasks listed in Appendix F: Apply the 2018 update to migrate from ACS to SAS. 1 Follow the steps in Appendix A: Create a new Service Bus namespace to create a new SAS...Read more

Sending encrypted workflow notification emails 

Does business require to send encrypted workflow notification emails in synch with your company’s security requirements? The following steps describe how to do it using CRM Online and Office 365. Office 365 Message Encryption requires the Azure Rights Management service. Once you have a subscription to this service, you can activate it as described in...Read more

Cannot select Category for condition in the purchase requisition workflow 

We got a couple of issues when on the purchase requisition workflow how the [Purchase Requisition Lines.Category] is evaluated in workflow conditional statements. While we expect to see it like that: The issue is connected to DEL_ProductCategoryId field which also has label category and it is not connected to Category hierarchy For more details please...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics AX – error when trying to save an invoice line or submitting a PO to workflow 

Sometimes when a user tries to save an invoice line or submit a PO he gets error: ” An error occurred during update. The State of the source document or source document line could not be updated” The following query in this scenario triggers a query that access the TaxUncommited table.             select crossCompany * from...Read more

Workflow approval via email shows incorrect responses 

I have seen this now a few times in support cases so thought an article should be published.  When using the Workflow email approval functionality, you need to make sure that you use a different Azure service namespace for each environment. Do not setup the same one for each environment (Test, Staging, PROD, etc.) because you will receive...Read more

How to use automatic approval with Project Budgets and Workflow 

Project Budgets require workflow to be able to create new budgets.  With some businesses, this is not necessary to have each budget reviewed before allowing them to be approved.  Especially if those with the responsibility to put in the Project Budget has the final say on the Budget regardless.  Since AX requires Workflow for Project Budgets, the...Read more

AX Content: Configure email functionality in Dynamics AX 

You can configure Microsoft Dynamics AX to automatically send email notifications to users when specific events occur. For example, Dynamics AX can send email notifications to users when documents are assigned to them for approval (as defined by a workflow), or when sales orders are canceled (as defined by an alert rule). To configure email...Read more

AX Content: Procure-to-pay (P2P) workflow 

You can create many types of workflow in Microsoft Dynamics AX. In this post, we’ll look at the types of workflow that you can use in the procure-to-pay process: purchase requisition, purchase order, vendor invoice, and vendor payment. If your business needs require it, you can use all of these types of workflow. In practice,...Read more

Timesheet workflows in Project management and accounting AX 2012 

There are two types of workflow types that have been added to set up workflow in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 specific to timesheet: Review timesheet workflow (TSDocumentTemplate) – approval workflows for project timesheets at the document level Review timesheet line workflow  (TSTimesheetLineTemplate) – approval workflows for project timesheets at the line item level Review timesheet...Read more