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Options: Plugin, Workflow or Dialog 

Our guest blogger today is Gonzalo Ruiz who is a CRM consultant for Avanade Canada. This post is inspired by a popular article by my ex coworker Humberto Lezama G. regarding when to use plugins or workflows for implementing custom logic in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. I have expanded the matrix to add additional criteria...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Demonstration Kit 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Management team is happy to announce the availability of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Demonstration Kit.  This Kit was optimized to facilitate a stand-alone Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online environment. Scenarios Included in this Kit is more comprehensive data, Dashboards, Workflows and Dialogs illustrating core CRM capabilities in expanded scenarios.  Read...Read more

Welcome to the World of Dialogs – Part 2 

This post is in continuation to the previous introductory post on Dialogs Part I. In this post, we’ll take you through an example of contact creation dialog and give you a basic introduction to data slugs, how to use them and also, how to use a data slug for Optionset values. This post also contains...Read more

Welcome to the World of Dialogs – Part 1 

The Dialog is a brand new feature built on top of Windows Workflow Foundation 4 in Microsoft CRM 2011. Before I delve into details of power, the Dialogs provide, this is important to let you know that now the Workflows and Dialogs are collectively known as Processes in Microsoft CRM 2011. In simple words a...Read more

Purchase Requisition Workflow in Dynamics AX 2009 fails with Stopped (error): Work item could not be created. Insufficient rights for user 

We recently had a couple of cases were in a Dynamics AX environment the Purchase Requisition Workflows would fail and the Workflow History showed the following status for these instances: Stopped (error): Work item could not be created. Insufficient rights for user <username>. The affected AX environments had a security configuration that was relying heavily...Read more

Upgrading a CRM 4.0 Custom Workflow Activity to CRM 2011 

CRM MVP Mitch Milam is our guest blogger today. Read Mitch’s blog. I recently upgraded one of my custom workflow activity plugins to CRM 2011 and thought it would be an interesting exercise to walk through that process with you. So let’s walk through the changes, from top to bottom. Reference Assemblies As with any...Read more

Custom workflow actions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online 

We have received multiple questions and feedback regarding the capability of adding custom workflow activities in CRM 2011 Online and I would like to provide some responses as well as offer some guidance on how to insert custom logic to workflows in CRM 2011 Online. Due to a technical limitation we are unable to support...Read more

Sales Process Workflow that allows skipping stages 

Please see the blog article Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Process for an introduction to sales process workflow in CRM. In this article, I will present an approach which can be used to move the workflow from one stage to another (forward only) using a custom attribute and a series or Wait and Parallel Wait steps....Read more

The Last Workflow Extension I’ll Ever Need 

Today’s guest blogger is CRM MVP George Doubinski who offers this interesting post. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything juicy. But today’s idea is too good not to share it. Let’s have a look at a typical function in a typical workflow extension inside a typical workflow assembly, say, Business Productivity Workflow Tools:...Read more

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to do Simple Calculations 

CRM workflows can be used to do simple calculations. I have come across many users who are not aware of this feature and thought it would be a good topic for a blog. In this example, the workflow is doing a simple calculation. Before you build this workflow, add an attribute called Weighted Revenue of...Read more