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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection helps Worldline combat fraud 

Online fraud increased significantly during the recent pandemic and economic downturn, with losses of an estimated $12 billion worldwide.1 To ensure continuous protection, organizations need modern solutions to protect from a range of fraud—from payment fraud, bots, account takeover, and returns and discounts fraud. We are partnering with Worldline, the European leader in the payments...Read more

Fraud trends part 4: balancing identity authentication with user experience 

Identity authentication is a crucial part of any fraud protection and access management service. That is why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection and Microsoft Azure Active Directory work well together to provide customers a comprehensive authentication seamless access experience. In this blog of our fraud trend series, we explore how proper authentication prevents fraud and...Read more

Customize your protection with new features in the Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection preview 

Successful fraud protection relies on a lot of information. The more insights you have into transactions and accounts, the better you will be able to detect suspicious activity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection uses advanced AI models to bring together diverse sets of information into a single assessment score that indicates the overall risk of...Read more

Fraud trends part 3: fraud in the food service industry 

In this blog series we are exploring the latest fraud related events and issues on the rise in our digitized world. The first installment in the series explored account takeovers (ATO) and the $7 billion yearly loss affecting even the largest organizations. The second installment explored the ways fraudsters are capitalizing on the rise of...Read more

NRF 2021: enabling retailers to reimagine the road ahead with Microsoft Business Applications 

Truly engaged, always connected The past year has brought complex challenges for retailers of every size, and in response many have quickly pivoted their businesses to adjust. With store closures during lockdown, retailers leveraged Microsoft Dynamics 365 to facilitate new purchasing options for their customers, such as shipping from stores and click and collect. Once...Read more

Fraud trends part 2: holiday fraud and account protection 

In this blog series we are exploring the latest fraud-related events and issues on the rise in our digitized world. The first installment in the series explored account takeovers (ATO) and the $7 billion yearly loss affecting even the largest organizations. In this post, we are examining three current trends contributing to increased fraud in...Read more

Fraud trends part 1: account takeover in a digitalized world 

This year has been unexpected to say the least. As 2019 ended and business forecasts were written, no one would have ever guessed what was to come in 2020. As consumer behaviors have shifted in uncertain times, merchants worldwide have quickly adapted and implemented new technologies, tools, and strategies to maintain business continuity and increase...Read more

Capital One and Microsoft team up to fight fraud at the point of sale 

The majority of people with a credit card have heard or read the words, “Your card has been declined.” When a card issuer detects fraudulent activity, this phrase protects cardholders from illicit charges or identity theft. A wrongful rejection, however, has a cascading effect on everyone involved in the transaction; impacting the merchant’s revenue and...Read more

Protect revenue and reputation with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection 

Our lives have shifted quickly over the last few months, and so have businesses as they work to respond to changing needs. Merchants, together with consumers, have had to rely more on doing business online as the new situation globally demanded it. E-commerce has seen a surge in the volume of transactions, especially impacting industries...Read more

Retail perspectives, pt. 4: protect your business against fraud 

As Microsoft continues to support organizations on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, a priority is providing customers with the right tools to protect their revenue in this challenging economic environment. Customers and companies alike are increasing their online presence, becoming more vulnerable to fraud. Microsoft itself is one of the top 10 e-commerce...Read more