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Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Guides brings data to frontline workers 

Data is everywhere, data is decision making power The emergence of data is changing the way organizations do business. From our mobile devices to our machinery, everyday activities and interactions create trillions of data points generated by inanimate objects. Unfortunately, data is often stored across disparate systems depriving organizations of access to valuable information and...Read more

Driving empathetic, connected service experiences with Dynamics 365 

The ongoing global pandemic has permanently changed our lives—from how we interact, where we work, and how we work. If there’s one major takeaway we’ve learned from the continuously evolving macroeconomic climate, it’s that efficient, reliable, and timely service delivery has become more critical than ever. The sophisticated, often complex machinery and equipment that keep...Read more

Northeastern University uses Dynamics 365 Guides mixed reality to deliver experiential learning 

“What kind of cool opportunities are there in the research and education space and how can we leverage that technology?” These were the types of questions that educators at Northeastern University asked themselves when looking for solutions to provide unique, immersive experiences for their students. Education and experiential learning have seen incredible value in the...Read more

Improve on-the-job guidance with Dynamics 365 Guides and Azure Object Anchors 

As the pace of manufacturing accelerates to meet demands across global customers, organizations are struggling to rapidly train and upskill workers on factory lines and the production floor. In fact, up to 2.4 million U.S. manufacturing jobs could remain unfilled between 2018 and 2028 due to this challenge.1 Today we’re introducing an exciting update to...Read more

Navigating the skills gap with Dynamics 365 Guides 

Digital transformation is rapidly expanding, the workforce is aging, and organizations are looking for technology to upskill their workforce faster. Manufacturers, in particular, rely on a highly skilled workforce that must keep up with the pace of technology change. Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute estimate that up to 2.4 million United States manufacturing jobs could...Read more

How Dynamics 365 Guides is transforming remote nursing education 

The pandemic has profoundly impacted educators across the world. Video calling technology has enabled millions of classes to continue at a distance but, it has shortcomings when it comes to teaching hands-on skills. This fall, the School of Nursing at the University of Michigan turned to mixed reality and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides for an...Read more