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Intelligence and collaboration converge in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Customers are looking for connected business applications to increase productivity and agility. With digital selling, it’s imperative to have a landscape of work tools that orchestrate seamlessly across a seller’s workflow. For the best outcome, solutions must offer automated and integrated workflows, enhanced with prescriptive, yet configurable intelligence. The combination of Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, and...Read more

Smarter sales planning with LinkedIn Sales Insights for Dynamics 365 Sales 

It comes as no surprise that today’s world is driving a seismic shift in B2B sales. Customers are rapidly adopting digital buying behavior, and sellers are feeling the pressure to reinvent themselves. Organizations must commit to empowering and enabling their sellers if they want to adapt to the new landscape and remain resilient in their...Read more

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams: extend collaboration across teams 

Think about the time spent between the moment you open an email or chat, find, and reply with the requested information, and then get back into the flow of your work. Add up those minutes-long interruptions, and you begin to realize why we often can’t finish everything on our to-do lists. We want to dramatically...Read more

Sales accelerator brings digital scalability within reach 

It’s no secret that fully embracing digital sales experiences is increasingly necessary to stay in the sales game. By 2025, this shift will be business as usual. What does this mean for sales organizations? Gartner analysts breaks it down in a recent trend insight report, “The Future of Sales in 2025: Why B2B Sales Needs...Read more

Enable a new level of B2B digital sales excellence with Dynamics 365 Commerce 

Truly engaged, always connected At this year’s NRF, many retailers are taking the time to reflect on the learnings from 2020 and the road ahead for 2021. It’s hard to believe that only 12 months have passed since we disclosed the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, which was the evolution of our proven...Read more

Digital selling helps Grant Thornton engage clients at scale 

This year, I’ve shared inspiring stories of organizations responding to adversity by building digital resilience into the fabric of their operations and cultures. A common thread between these organizations is the agility to be better prepared for change, as well as the ability to stay focused on putting customers first. That’s why it’s apropos to...Read more

5 takeaways how a company turned needs into opportunities 

In today’s modern sales environment a trend is surfacing among B2B sellers and buyers: the desire for more authentic, personalized relationships. But despite the desire for personalized relationships, purchasing involves more people than ever, and successful sales require sellers to navigate an increasingly large group of stakeholders. While increasingly large groups of stakeholders may create...Read more

Why you should select an integrated platform for MarTech needs 

When building a marketing technology (MarTech) stack, both the best-in-breed and single vendor approaches have their benefits and drawbacks. Today’s business realities has marketing operations teams and business leaders re-examining the best way to get necessary tasks accomplished: “one-for-each” or “one-for-all”. A changing landscape Digital transformation is driving marketing leaders to make decisions between two...Read more

How Dynamics 365 Sales boost results, from startup to Fortune 500 

Whether you’re a digital startup looking to hit the ground running from day one, or a global Fortune 500 company undergoing rapid scaling, it’s critical that your sales team is equipped with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enables your team to perform for their clients at the highest level possible....Read more

Building resiliency: the essentials for selling digitally to B2B buyers 

Like so much else in our lives, B2B sales are going remote. The months of sales teams working remotely from home have increased longer sales cycles and in-person engagement. “The world was already changing before COVID-19,” Chris Weber, Corporate Vice President of the Small, Medium and Corporate segment for Microsoft, told me in a recent...Read more

Announcing the new Fundraising and Engagement solution from Microsoft 

Since 2017, Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact initiative has been working to empower the nonprofit sector. As part of that effort two years ago, we released our Common Data Model for Nonprofits, a set of best practices represented as data entities, attributes, and relationships. The Common Data Model is essentially a Rosetta Stone that helps...Read more

Digital selling and customer engagement with Dynamics 365 Sales updates 

Selling is unpredictable and challenging. Sellers often lack visibility into the customer journey since buyers increasingly prefer to conduct self-service evaluation before engaging sellers. Sellers must juggle even more buyers—dispersed across roles, teams, and locations. And COVID-19 is upending traditional buying, with B2B buyers now overwhelmingly preferring digital buying experiences, a trend that is expected...Read more