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Reduce complexity across global operations with Dynamics 365 

Even with 195 countries across the globe, today, our world can feel like a small place. We live in a time when you can instantaneously communicate with people who are on the other side of the planet. The digitalization of commerce means that we can quickly buy goods from all over the world. And with...Read more

Architecting resiliency in supply chains with Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Major shocks to supply and demand over the course of the pandemic have exposed the fragility and vulnerabilities of the global supply chain. One silver lining is the realization, across industries, that a more agile approach is needed. To stabilize supply chains, whether localized or on a global scale, every organization must architect resiliency into...Read more

4 successful supply chain transformation stories with Dynamics 365 

These four success stories provide insights into how leading companies use a modern, cloud-based, intelligent platform to deliver versatility, scalability, and rapid time to value. They also illustrate how Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps companies operate with a customer first mindset from production to fulfillment....Read more

Quickly respond to changing retail needs with an intelligent supply chain 

Truly engaged, always connected As digital commerce continues to evolve and become an integral revenue stream for retailers and consumer goods companies, it is paramount for these companies to digitally transform their supply chain as well. They need the agility to rapidly plan and adapt to changing customer needs, use AI and machine learning to...Read more

NRF 2021: enabling retailers to reimagine the road ahead with Microsoft Business Applications 

Truly engaged, always connected The past year has brought complex challenges for retailers of every size, and in response many have quickly pivoted their businesses to adjust. With store closures during lockdown, retailers leveraged Microsoft Dynamics 365 to facilitate new purchasing options for their customers, such as shipping from stores and click and collect. Once...Read more

How Agic Technology deployed Supply Chain Management in 2 weeks to help Invitalia fight the pandemic 

Setting up or overhauling a supply chain operation has traditionally been an arduous, complex process. Now, by deploying modern, intelligent cloud applications like Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, organizations are demonstrating just how rapidly one can transform operations, especially when guided by the right experts. Invitalia, the Italian national agency for economic development, provided a...Read more

3 unique success stories—building resilience into the supply chain 

Even before the pandemic, organizations across industries, from manufacturing to retailers, felt the squeeze to modernize supply chain operations. The historic supply chain shock of 2020 has accelerated the need to both respond to immediate disruptions while building resilience into every layer of the supply chain. In the past, rapidly overhauling a supply chain operation...Read more

Overcome disruptions in your supply chain 

The pandemic has forced manufacturers to make rapid adjustments, like changing factory layouts and bringing plants online with inexperienced staff while trying to maintain quality and safety standards. To address these challenges, manufacturers will need to focus on reskilling and cross-skilling to augment a worker’s knowledge. Today we’re announcing new updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365...Read more

Enhance visibility and scale operations without interruptions for your supply chain 

Companies often struggle with latency and connectivity when running operations in remote facilities. In fact, network latency is a top connectivity challenge for 30 percent of manufacturers, according to the IDC1. A leading cause of latency is high volume and resource-intensive processes running in parallel, resulting in reduced productivity. Operations without interruptions The new Cloud and...Read more

Retail perspectives, pt. 3: reduce supply chain disruptions 

As retailers navigate the new economic environment and plan their recovery from lockdowns due to COVID-19, they need to re-configure their operations to overcome vulnerabilities in their supply chain network that were exposed by the pandemic. While the scale of disruption we are seeing right now is unprecedented, the challenge itself isn’t new. During the...Read more

Reduce supply chain disruptions with AI, IoT, and mixed reality 

Disruptions in global supply chains have significantly increased over the last decade, fueled by a myriad of triggers ranging from trade wars, demand surges from social marketing, natural disasters, and most recently, the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management in the 2020 release wave 1 help organizations proactively transform every...Read more

Why it’s time to move your on-premises ERP to the cloud 

Is your on-premises ERP solution holding back your business? Most likely, according to new research made available in our new eBook on the advantages of cloud-based ERP. More than 60 percent of surveyed companies still rely on an out-of-date ERP solution—at least five years old—which can act as an anchor, impacting profitability by dragging down...Read more