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Enterprise Mobility + Security

A Virtual Lab for TS Gateway

A great way to learn about some of the new Terminal Services features in Longhorn Server is in the Virtual Lab at It lets you try out the feature without having to install Longhorn Server on your machine.  Pretty neat. Try it out! Rob  ...

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TS Client 6.0 Feedback

Since we released the client on the Windows Update site, we received a lot of feedback in our blog, in the TS forum at TechNet, and in newsgroups about issues with the new client. We are compiling and analyzing all the feedback. Nelly is driving this effort. She and the rest of the team have...

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Enough With The Delays Already!

A while back I got involved in an issue where a company had written an application for their own internal use.  This application was intended to connect to a web page served out by IIS and then proceed with some other action.  They wisely chose to make sure that the initial connections it used were...

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