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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Problems using saved credentials with Vista RDP clients and above

Background Information Windows Vista Credential Delegation policy does not allow a Vista RDP client to send saved credentials to a TS server when the TS server is not authenticated.  By default Vista RDP clients use the Kerberos protocol for server authentication. Alternatively, they can use SSL server certificates, but these are not deployed to servers...

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Soliloquy for AD Logon

Some readers may scoff a little when I talk about how under appreciated the whole Active Directory scheme is.  Not schema but scheme.  I’m talking about the entire client and server interaction and how they work together to provide all of the distributed services that make up Active Directory and user logon.   That’s a...

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Latest TS Webcast – Includes TS Easy Print, TS RemoteApp™, Tip and Tricks and more!

Hi everyone, This webcast seems to have slipped by without us posting about it!  This webcast updates our earlier web casts with information on many of the great new Beta 3 features.  If you missed the live web cast, you can still watch this session by clicking ‘here’. Summary of Webcast Windows Server 2008 delivers flexible...

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A Day at the SPA

Ah, there’s nothing like the stop-everything, our-company-has-come-to-a-complete-halt emergency call we sometimes get where the domain controllers have slowed to a figurative crawl.  Resulting in nearly all other business likewise emulating a glacier as well owing to logon and application failures and the like.   If you’ve had that happen to one of your domain controllers...

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