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Terminal Services Licensing Diagnosis Snap-in extension

Identify potential licensing problems for the terminal server. In Windows server 2008, a new snap-in extension, Licensing Diagnosis, has been added to the terminal server configuration snap-in to assist the administrator in managing and maintaining terminal servers.  Licensing Diagnosis can analyze a terminal server and highlight potential service-affecting issues that might be encountered due to...

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For Customer Services and Support division employees at Microsoft it’s inevitable that, if you talk directly to customers at all, you will be asked whether you are certified.  I’ve even heard our customers ask development folks (aka programmers) that question in the past.  The question was followed by a pause as the programmer silently had...

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Upcoming Terminal Services Webcasts

In November, the Terminal Services team will be doing a series of in-depth technical webcasts on a variety of the new features and functionality in Windows Server 2008.  Below is a full list of the webcasts. If you can’t make it to them live they will be archived for playback.   Presentation Virtualization...

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