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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Acquires Calista Technologies

Hi, my name is Chandra Shekaran, and I am the general manager for Presentation & Desktop Virtualization at Microsoft. By now, you have probably heard about our Virtualization Deployment Summit today where we made several exciting announcements pertaining to some of our important virtualization strategies (you can find them at Microsoft PressPass). One of the...

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Dude, where’s my PAC?

  Something that is becoming more prevalent over the past few years has been great investments into our security technologies for application oriented reasons.  Impersonation, people, that’s what I’m talking about.  If anyone ever asks you what the big deal with Kerberos authentication is you can some it up with that one word: impersonation.  ...

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The Domain Logon Dialogue

  Happy New Years everyone!  Let’s start the year off with a less strenuous article regarding how the domain logon list gets populated.  I’m talking about the user logon dialogue which you see following pressing control, alt and delete at the same time.  There is a little bit of confusion around what you may expect...

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