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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Video: Meet the Terminal Services Team

  As this blog has presented over the last few months, with Windows Server 2008, we have added plenty of key new functionality for Terminal Services. Recently, completed four episodes on Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008. The episodes interview members of the team and walk through demos of several new features for Windows...

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What’s in a name?

Have you ever heard the Shakespeare paraphrased saying “a rose by any other name is still a rose?”.    Well, the same holds true for objects in AD.  Not that we have “rose” class objects, but the point being that simply renaming an object doesn’t really fundamentally alter that object.   Here’s how this came up,...

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Citrix Publishes FAQ on Microsoft Application Virtualization and Citrix XenApp (formerly Presentation Server) Working Together

Hello everyone!  A lot of people have speculated that Citrix and Microsoft would be at odds over the acquisition of Softricity SoftGrid as it seemed to pit the two partners against each other over application virtualization.  However, working in conjunction with Microsoft, Citrix has just posted a new blog entry which outlines how the two...

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Manual Revocation of Client Access Licenses (CALs)

Prior to Windows Server 2008, there was no way for administrators to manually revoke issued licenses. Issued licenses would automatically expire after a random period between 52-89 days and become part of the available license pool. In some cases, an administrator might want an issued license to become available immediately—typically when a particular machine will...

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The FEK, AES and FIPs: Acronym Heaven!

I’ve had several blog posts about the improved security in Windows Vista and Server 2008, particularly around cryptography.  Here’s one more, albeit a short one.   This post is about how, generally, Encrypted File System (EFS) works using Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) encryption algorithms to encrypt files.    Why is this at all interesting? Well,...

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Licensing Diagnosis: Problems and Resolutions

Licensing problems and resolutions for the terminal server Licensing Diagnosis is capable of diagnosing potential problems in a typical terminal server/ license server deployment.  Here is the list of the potential problems along with their suggested resolutions. ISSUES WITH DISCOVERY Problem 1: The terminal server has not discovered any license servers.  If the grace period...

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