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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Problems using default credentials with Vista RDP clients with Single Sign-on Enabled

Note: This post was updated with improved suggestions. With Single Sign-on enabled, the current user’s credentials, also known as “default credentials”, are used to log on to a remote computer. In several scenarios, users may get the following error message when trying to connect to a TS server with Vista clients using default credentials: Below...

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ADMT 3.1 Beta!

  For folks who have been interested helping test Active Directory Migration Tool version 3.1 your day has come!    The ADMT 3.1 Beta is here!  This is a beta, not the finished product, so please test it out in your non-production environment and file bugs when and if you see them.   Where do...

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Group Policy Best Practice Analyzer

Ever heard of a Best Practice Analyzer, otherwise known as a ‘BPA’? It’s a type of tool that many of our product or support teams have been creating the last few years which can be used to gauge the general health of a component before things go catastrophically wrong. BPA’s can also identify problems that...

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Indexing in Active Directory

  We end up taking indexing for granted most of the time until and unless we encounter a problem.  Why don’t we start off with the question of “what is indexing?”.   So an index is essentially a way of organizing data for fast retrieval or at least retrieving a quick answer.  For a thorough...

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