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Enterprise Mobility + Security

DNS Scavenging and AD

  Recently I wrote a post about how, in an uncommon scenario, Active Directory integrated DNS could lose an entry regarding a domain controller in a global SRV record.   Here’s another aspect of AD integrated DNS which you can run into, particularly if you are spending energy tweaking your environment at all.   So let’s...

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Developing Applications for the TS Platform

While most 32-bit and 64-bit applications run “as is” on Windows Terminal Services, some do not perform as expected due to differences in the platform between Vista and Windows 2008 Terminal Services: 1. Multiple users – Issues related to maintaining user isolation for privacy/security. 2. Concurrent access by several users – Issues related to concurrent...

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“Smart-Sizing” the TS Client

Since the Windows XP timeframe, the TS Client has had the ability to run in “smart-sized” mode (users of Remote Assistance will be familiar with this mode). Smart-sized mode means that the entire remote desktop is always visible in the client window, with no scrollbars being necessary. In effect, for the same size client window,...

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