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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Updated: NTLM and MaxConcurrentApi Concerns

    Over the past few years we’ve learned more about “NTLM and MaxConcurrentApi Concerns” and we’ve even come up with some new ways of addressing them.   The starting point for learning more is the Knowledge Base article You are intermittently prompted for credentials or experience time-outs when you connect to Authenticated Services.   ********* Although...

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Specifying the TS Client Start Location on the Virtual Desktop

The location on the virtual desktop where the TS Client initially positions itself can be controlled via the winposstr setting in the RDP file (Default.rdp or any other custom RDP file that you use). An example winposstr is: winposstr:s:0,1,1370,92,2500,992 So, let’s break it down and see what each field means: winposstr:s:0,ShowCmd,Left,Top,Right,Bottom The first field is...

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