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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Duplicated Configuration Items and Configuration Baselines Revert to Original Name

[Today’s post is provided by Carol Bailey] Torsten Meringer (MVP) brought to my attention an interesting scenario that he ran into when his duplicated configuration baseline disappeared from his reports, and his original configuration baseline seemed to come back from the dead after deleting it.  Torsten had created the original configuration data on a test...

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Automatically applying hotfixes to the Configuration Manager 2007 client during installation

[Today’s post is provided by Brian Huneycutt] There has been some confusion lately over a little known feature in Configuration Manager 2007: the ability to automatically apply hotfixes to the client during initial install by creating a ClientPatch folder on the site server.  As it turns out, this little known feature was little known for...

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Brian Huneycutt’s Bio

Brian is currently a developer (more a jack-of-all-trades really) on the Configuration Manager Sustained Engineering team.   He started as a Support Engineer handling consumer desktop support issues at Microsoft in 1999.  After having his fill of “No, there is no double right click, just a double left click” and “I’m sorry sir, I cannot help...

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When Smartcard Logon Doesn’t

Authentication is entering every facet of our lives nowadays.  It is common to have multiple passwords: passwords for work, home email, and Internet  websites to name a few.  It’s easy to have a lot of different passwords, and equally easy to use only one and risk a widespread identity breach.   Passwords are one way of...

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Configuration Manager Writing Team

Your Configuration Manager and Windows Intune Writing Team – also known as the Information eXperience (iX) team – is dedicated to providing customers with the information you need to be successful with Configuration Manager and Windows Intune.  In fact, our vision statement is: Partnering with the right people to provide the right information at the right time. We...

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