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Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for January 2010

  [Today’s post comes from the Configuration Manager Writing Team]  The Configuration Manager documentation library ( has been updated on the Web and the latest content on the Web has Updated: January 1, 2010 at the top of the topic. This month’s updates contain an updated support statement that in-band provisioning for AMT-based computers is now...

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Things you need to know when using Windows Embedded Standard 2009

[Today’s post is provided by Levi Stevens] Last year we added support for the new Windows Embedded Standard 2009 platform to Configuration Manager 2007.  Until our online documentation at Tasks for Managing Configuration Manager Clients on Windows Embedded Devices is updated, we are bringing you the few key things that you need to know: Write...

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How to detect RDS-specific application compatibility issues by using the RDS Application Compatibility Analyzer

IMPORTANT: Thank you for visiting the Remote Desktop Services blog on the RDS Application Compatibility Analyzer. Unfortunately we no longer support the RDS Application Compatibility Analyzer tool. If you need help determining if your application will be compatible with Remote Desktop Products, please send email to RDS & TS forum and we’ll be happy to...

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Insider’s Guide to Troubleshooting Client Content Download in Configuration Manager 2007

[Today’s post had been contributed by Bhaskar Krishnan]  Software distribution in Configuration Manager 2007 starts with creating a package and ends when the package content installs on the client. However, there are quite a few steps in between and the content download process is usually where customers encounter most problems. Here are some examples from the TechNet...

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Customizing RD Gateway authentication and authorization schemes

Imagine that you are responsible for managing Remote Desktop Services at Woodgrove Bank. Woodgrove Bank has recently approved a new authentication vendor and you must upgrade all edge services — including Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) – to support this new authentication service. How can you integrate the new authentication service with RD Gateway? The...

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Virtual Desktop Pool

Scenario The two virtual machine deployment scenarios supported by the Microsoft VDI solution are: 1) Virtual desktop pool and 2) Personal virtual desktops. These two scenarios present two different models of assigning virtual machines to end users. This post explains the virtual desktop pool scenario. Assignment A virtual desktop pool temporarily assigns a virtual machine...

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