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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Using Hyper-V Differencing Disks with VDI

On the Virtualization with Hyper-V Technical Resources page, we’ve posted the “Virtual Hard Disk Performance White Paper.” This paper contains information about the performance implications of operations that use a differencing disk with Hyper-V, as well as the pro and cons of using differencing disks. All the information in this document is relevant to using...

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Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for October 2010

[Today’s post is from the Configuration Manager Writing Team]  The Configuration Manager documentation library ( has been updated on the Web with updates from September and R3 content in October. Topics that were updated for September have Updated: September 1, 2010 at the top of the topic and topics that were updated or created for R3...

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Remote Desktop Connection Broker Scalability Testing Results

Summary In our lab tests, we are able to achieve more than 10,000 individual virtual machine (VM) run-time connections over a two-hour period. These tests show the range of scale possible with Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RD Connection Broker). Within the connection process, the overall time measured is overwhelmingly determined by the VM start and...

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