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Enterprise Mobility + Security

This week’s episode, we discuss the very popular Service Template for SharePoint 2013 and talk with its creator, Jim Britt.

I first talked about this service template in my keynote at MMS 2013, and I encouraged everyone to read more about it in the “Automation” track of the Building Clouds blog.

The Service Template is also something I covered briefly in a previous post about workloads, where I noted that what makes the Service Template so interesting is that it demonstrates just how much can be done with an on-premise private cloud. 

This solution is also usable by hosters who want a process that is repeatable and streamlined for customer use.

You can download the service template here.



Additional benefits & features info about the Service Template:

  • Concentration on Deployment: this service template is really concentrated on pure deployment of an application into a private cloud environment in a repeatable way with automation technology underneath.
  • PowerShell / Application Deployment Integrated with Service Templates: this solution shows you how you could take an existing single or multi-tier application that you currently have some automation for deployment and bringing it into a service template for a multi-tenant execution.
  • Learn by Example: Use the guidance in this solution as more of an example to build your own.