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Enterprise Mobility + Security

For your one-stop viewing pleasure, included below are all 5 parts of the surprisingly funny Master of Mobility series.

These videos (and the blog posts that accompany them) provide a huge amount of practical instruction about Microsoft’s enterprise mobility tools – and how to use them.

All of these videos, and a ton of great content about enterprise mobility, can be found on the recently created Enterprise Mobility blog.




Hybrid Identity

Read the entire post about creating and managing identity/access in the cloud here.


Mobile Device Management

For a detailed overview of how our MDM solutions operate, interoperate, and scale – check out the blog post that accompanies this video, here.


Desktop Virtualization

This video is included in a post that kicks off a four-part series about desktop virt – an essential service for organizations of any size.


Access & Information Protection

Read the post about access and information protection here, and check out this post about identity and access management. There is also a detailed look at deploying, accessing, and managing/monitoring desktop virtualization.

This new blog has a LOT more than just videos, however.  Check out the posts covering cloud on-boarding, this step-by-step guide for enrolling mobile cloud-based devices and configuring mobile device settings, and this multi-part look at how to protect business apps on mobile devices.

For some additional reading and ongoing updates, you can check out Microsoft’s official Enterprise Mobility site here.