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Enterprise Mobility + Security

We are continuing our Enterprise Mobility Webinar Series next week with an in-depth talk on deploying applications with Azure RemoteApp. This brand new service in preview is a new way of deploying applications using the power and scale of Azure. Here are three reasons why you should tune in to our upcoming webinar and find out why this might be the solution for you.

Enable your Employees

Employees expect to be able to access their corporate resources from anywhere and on any device. Not only that, but they expect a consistent experience, whether they are using an IPad, an Android phone, or a Windows PC. This dilemma could be solved with a native app for every platform, but why go through the hassle if there is a simpler solution?

Scale your Business

Infrastructure costs are a pain point for many IT departments. Managing infrastructure to avoid overloading or underutilizing your rack space can be a complex and overwhelming process. When demand is unpredictable, it’s critical to have a solution that allows capacity to be spun up and down on demand.

Protect your Data

When allowing employees to work from any device, the data on those devices must be kept secure. Corporate information from a sensitive line of business app shouldn’t live on an employee’s personal tablet, but that employee still needs an easy and secure way to access that data.  

Register now to learn more about how Azure RemoteApp can help you tackle these challenges in your environment.

Webinar details

Date: Wednesday November 5th

Time: 10:00 – 10:30 am

Webinar Title: How to Deliver Apps with Azure RemoteApp