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Enterprise Mobility + Security

What’s new:

This demo announced an incredible new hybrid management service that supports Azure, AWS, Windows Server, Linux, VMware, and OpenStack. Amazing.

OMS is just plain simple. It is simple to set up, it’s always up to date, and it simply connects to your on-prem datacenters and cloud environments – and you get to keep using the tools you already know and love, like System Center. This means you get a single, powerful, integrated portal that provides instant access to your critical information. Now you can collect, analyze, and search millions of records across all your workloads and servers – no matter where they are.

Our cloud-first approach to your management is the fastest, most cost-effective way to meet new business challenges, accommodate new workloads, and support the apps running on Windows Server or Linux – in any cloud.

How this helps:

Most organizations are faced with some really tough questions about how to manage the explosion of apps and data spread across their own infrastructure as well as clouds and cloud services from multiple vendors. No matter where this corporate data is residing, IT still has a responsibility to manage and secure it – OMS simplifies this traditionally difficult function by providing simple IT management for any hybrid cloud.

On top of the simplified management experience is the way OMS can simplify your life. Instead of spending weeks or months trying to integrate multiple tools, OMS is up and running in seconds (literally) and it unifies your management operations with a single solution.

With OMS you also avoid the hassle of a learning curve. With a simple onboarding experience you can add new services, use new services, and see intelligence across all your applications and workloads within minutes.

Why you need this in your life:

Having a hybrid infrastructure that is “pretty good” is not enough. This is a solution that creates a hybrid infrastructure that is great.  Now you can manage Azure or AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMware or OpenStack – all with a cost-effective, all-in-one cloud IT management solution.

With OMS you’re going to see six big benefits right out of the box:

  • Log Analytics:
    Now you can collect and search across multiple machine data sources and identify the root cause of any operational issues.
  • Availability:
    Integrated recovery is enabled for all your servers and apps – no matter where they reside.
  • Automation:
    Complex and repetitive operations are orchestrated for more efficient and cost-effective hybrid cloud management.
  • Security:
    You can identify malware status and missing system updates, and collect security-related events to perform forensic, audit and breach analysis.
  • Extending System Center:
    OMS combines with System Center to do some amazing things. For example, OMS extends its capability to deliver a full hybrid management experience across any datacenter or cloud.
  • Hybrid & Open:
    We recognize that your organization is no longer housed in just a single datacenter. That’s why OMS can manage your hybrid cloud no matter what topology or technology you’re using – and, of course, it works seamlessly with our existing on-prem infrastructure.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • A browser
  • Microsoft OMS

Get to work!


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