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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Within the month of May 2015, we released the following new features and capabilities for Azure RemoteApp:

  • We fixed an issue when publishing applications using path which showed a generic icon and now displays the proper application icon.
  • Fixed issue when users are removed from Azure Active Directory prevents adding or removing users to same Azure RemoteApp collection
  • Microsoft Platform images and Azure RDSH gallery image were updated with May software updates for Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Android client was updated to version 8.1.17 with a new and improved user interface
  • iOS client was updated to version 8.1.10 improving the Azure RemoteApp sign-in experience 

The following documentation was released and updated:   

Register for “Azure RemoteApp Core Skills” live event hosted Microsoft Virtual Academy, there are two sessions, June 11, 9am–1pm PDT (The Americas) and June 12, 8am–12pm CEST (Europe)

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Thank you from the entire Remote Desktop (Azure RemoteApp) team!