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Enterprise Mobility + Security

Within the month of June 2015, we released the following new features and capabilities for Azure RemoteApp:

  • Added IP address range checking for Hybrid deployments using an existing VNET
  • Added limited public preview of Forced Tunneling.  Forced tunneling ‘forces’ all internet bound traffic back to the customer’s on premise network through the VPN tunnel. Read more here
  • Microsoft Platform images and Azure RDSH gallery image were updated with June software updates for Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Administrators can add their custom antivirus solution when creating custom images from the Azure gallery RDSH template image
  • Quick links are here for previous monthly updates for March, April, and May for Azure RemoteApp.

The following documentation was released and updated

On June 11th the “Azure RemoteApp Core Skills” live event was hosted as a Microsoft Virtual Academy Jumpstart, the recording is not available yet, and Simon May compiled the top questions with answers here.

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Thank you from the entire Remote Desktop (Azure RemoteApp) team!