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Hi everyone, it’s David Rankin again from the Remote Desktop team. Back at the end of February I provided you with information on Staying current with Windows Server updates for Remote Desktop Services (RDS). As we release more hotfixes and updates to help improve Remote Desktop Services, those lists can become very long and maybe even confusing. For that reason, I have created a recommended updates or ‘optimization guide’ that will fast track you to the latest bits for RDS 2012 R2, see here: – Recommended hotfixes and updates for Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012 R2


Within the article you will find that the recommendations are broken down by each Remote Desktop Services role:


Also of importance, we regularly find that despite many customers upgrading to the latest version of RDS 2012 R2, the clients are often not looked at as part of the overall solution. I have therefore included a link for the RDP 8.1 updates for older Windows 7 clients so you can take advantage of the new features and improvements that RDP 8.1 brings when connecting to RDS 2012 R2 environments:


I hope you find this information useful and maybe gain some performance and reliability improvements as a result. Thanks and have a great day!


Note: Questions and comments are welcome. However, please DO NOT post a request for troubleshooting by using the comment tool at the end of this post. Instead, post a new thread in the RDS & TS forum. Thank you!