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#AzureAD Mailbag: MFA Q&A, Round 6!

All right, it’s time for some  more mandatory fun! Chad here again kicking off 2017 and ready with another MFA mailbag. In the last couple months, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with customers around Azure MFA Server licenses requirements, billing, and split configurations. In this mailbag, I’ve taken some of these “What if….”...

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#AzureAD Mailbag: Syncing with Azure AD Part 3

Howdy folks, Time for another Azure AD Mailbag – this time Chad from our Customer and Partner Success teams is sharing some new/advanced tips on using Azure AD Connect sync. Hope you have a great weekend! Alex Simons (Twitter: @Alex_A_Simons) Director of Program Management Microsoft Identity Division ——————– All right, it’s time for some more mandatory...

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#AzureAD Mailbag: MFA Q&A, Round 5!

All right, it’s time for some more mandatory fun! Chad here back again for another round of Azure MFA Q/A’s! This Mailbag has a mixture of MFA Server, persistent cookie scenarios, sessions, and broker assistants. For those who have either deployed MFA, looking to deploy it, or in the process of deploying Azure MFA –...

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#Azure AD Mailbag: Hybrid Identity and ADFS

Hey there, this is Ramiro Calderon from the Azure AD Customer Success Team. Remember us? We took a brief hiatus (sorry about that) but now we are back! I wanted to write up some answers to common AD FS questions we get in the context of hybrid identity with Azure AD. Let’s get into it....

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