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As you’ve probably read throughout all of our product literature and all of our blogs—some of which you’ll see linked on the left in the blogroll—we feel we have an extremely strong, extremely functional product family. This product family continues to grow and grow, both in terms of additional products as well as additional functionality. What we sometimes don’t spend enough time talking about is how much value our partners add to our solutions. We talk a great deal about being able to manage desktop to datacenter and everything in between, but there’s lots of that “in between” that we do not provide a solution for ourselves.

The “in between” stuff is really where our partners provide their valuable solutions. If you were to manage your ERP application, you would want to ensure you were managing not just the OS, database, middleware and Web servers but also the servers that they run on, the network devices and the client systems (both software and hardware). Of course every server and client is running Windows, what else would you use? 😉 But, just in case you are one of those–a-hem!–unenlightened people who have decided to run some other OS, you may want to ensure it is managed as well.

We certainly provide the solution for managing the MS stack, but when it comes to managing these other products we really look to the experts in those areas to deliver solutions built upon our platform. Our server partners deliver Management Packs for their servers, this includes all of the major server vendors including Dell, IBM and HP as well as Intel who provides an MP for managing their server motherboards. If you, by some mistake (I'm kidding, of course), are running Oracle as your database underneath SAP partners such as Quest (Oracle MP) and Tidal Software (SAP MP) provide the solutions to ensure they are managed. Quest also provides the ability to manage non-Windows OSs. The client systems can certainly be fully managed by OpsMgr, but IT administrators typically would like more control and Intel has announced an MP for managing systems which use their vPro and CentrinoPro chipsets. The network can be managed by partners such as EMC and JalaSoft while the load balancers can be managed by an MP from F5. Again, expert knowledge created by the experts enables such a holistic solution.

This partner ecosystem encompasses big and small solutions and applications as well as tools which enable our customers to build their own solutions. Silectprovides MP Studio which is a development lifecycle management solution for building MP’s. So, regardless of whether you are a large company with well known applications or a smaller business running Joe’s Doggie Vasectomy™ tracking program (if such a thing really existed), we can provide a solution which enables you to maintain control and manage it.

By this point you’ve probably figured out that I’m the partner dude within the System Center org. My team is focused on working with technology partners in support of both our System Center products and our platform management infrastructure. I’ll be posting periodically and mostly with a partner focus, but not always… Regardless, let me know what you think of our partner strategy, etc., and I’ll be happy to engage with you on it here in this blog.

– Carl

Carl Coken