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System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

Dell recently introduced three models of its PowerVault line as DP100, DP500 and DP600 — Data Protection appliances.

  • Built on the same PowerEdge / PowerVault hardware that you are used to
  • Running the Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 Operating System, which is essentially an optimized/enhanced version of Windows Server for file & disk-based IO, delivered for appliance solutions like this one
  • And includes System Center Data Protection Manager DPM 2007 already installed

Out of the box, powered up and ready to protect your Windows Servers in about 30 minutes.

There are other DPM partners and solutions — and we will try to routinely blog their collaborative solution, as well.  But this month, I am highlighting the Dell+DPM solution in part because the Dell Power Solutions magazine for February 2008 includes two articles on their Data Protection appliance, coauthored by yours truly.  One is a higher-level description of the issues around backup that the DPM+Dell appliance is focused on addressing.  The other is a deeper-dive into how DPM works, within the appliance.


If you can’t wait for the magazine (or you don’t subscribe yet), you can check them out online.

Safeguarding Data with Dell PowerVault Data Protection Appliances – by Sanjeet Singh and Jason Buffington

A Look Inside Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 — by Jason Buffington & Sanjeet Singh

So, if you already have your own hardware – and Windows Server – load up on DPM 2007.

If you are looking at DPM 2007 and needing new hardware to run it on, then you might consider getting the entire solution as a Data Protection appliance.

— Jason Buffington