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We’re just half a day into MMS 2008 and it’s already been a big day for our customers and the System Center team. This is the largest MMS in history and the huge crowds have so far been thoroughly rewarded for making the trip to Las Vegas and haven’t even had to bet cash to get it. (That is only gambling reference I’m going to make, I swear!)

In his keynote this morning Bob Muglia (SVP of the Server and Tools Business here at Microsoft) laid out a vision for the future of the data center and announced some major new capabilities that will help customers to drive toward that vision. A lot of news and announcements in 75 minutes, so I’ll stick to the highlights here.

Cross Platform Management: The biggest cheer of the day so far was raised for the announcement of the beta of Operations Manager 2007 Cross Platform Extensions. Built with industry standards and proven open source technologies, including WS-Management and OpenPegasus, these will allow customers to use Operations Manager to monitor HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating systems. This is further supported by partners delivering Management Packs to monitor workloads on these operating systems ,with Quest delivering an Oracle pack for Unix and Xandros delivering packs for MySQL and Apache for Linux and Solaris. Novell also announced its commitment to build a number of Management Packs for Linux and Unix environments.

Bob also announced new Connectors to integrate Operations Manager with HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console.

All very cool and very focused on the reality of managing a modern data center.

Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Beta: Another great crowd response was for the announcement of next version of Virtual Machine Manager. This also delivers on a need to manage across the complete datac enter environment, whether physical or virtual, across whichever virtual environments you are using. VMM 2008 will not only support the integrated Windows Server 2008 Hypervisor, Hyper-V, and Virtual Server 2005 R2, but will also allow customers to manage their VMware ESX Server environment – all from one tool.  Being able to manage VMware servers directly within the VMM console and take advantage of the features of both products really supports our vision of managing all your physical and virtual assets from a single pain of glass.

The other focus for VMM 2008, is the introduction of the Physical and Resource Optimization (PRO) capabilities. This is all about bringing together the knowledge available within the Operations Manager Management Packs and the flexibility of VMM to respond to changes in your environment. An issue with a server (driven by knowledge provided from Management Packs by our hardware and application partners) can be seen directly within VMM through a PRO tip will give guidance on what action needs to be taken to ensure the continued optimal performance of a virtual machine. Even cooler is that fact that these actions can be completely automated if a customer wishes.

All of this is being done with not only the support of our partners but also through using industry standards.(DMTF just announced final ratification of the WS_Managmenet standard) and open source technology. Also of note Microsoft is joining the OpenPegasus Steering committee.

Bob best summarized all the entire session by saying “this isn’t your grandfather’s Microsoft!” It’s a new and exciting approach to providing the best management experience for customers across the complete heterogeneous datacenter environment.

Onto the rest of the show.